Custom Designs

Have you got an idea for a ring you do not see in my collection?

If you have an idea for a ring you do not see on my site, I would love to hear from you.

I frequently work with clients to design and produce rings to suit their own unique requirements.


Whether that be the inclusion of a specific stone or metal that has meaning to them, the inclusion of some sand they have collected, a piece of clothing with sentimental value, or a ring formed from their own wood. The possibilities are pretty much endless with a bentwood ring.

If you want to use some of the materials, stones and metals I already offer, but in a different style of ring, this is also possible.

I have over 40 different species and colours of wood, many you will not see listed in my ring collection on here. So if there is a specific wood you are looking for, or style/colour of wood, please contact me and we can discuss what woods I can offer.

Any custom ring made in the same style of those in my collection will be priced the same as those I offer as standard. If the ring features materials I do not stock that are of a higher value than others I may need to charge a small fee for these. When using your own materials there may also be an additional fee due to the extra time taken.

I also offer laser engraving for short messages, names, dates or coordinates on the inside of my rings. There is a small extra charge for this service.

So contact me today to begin designing the perfect wooden ring to suit you.

How I go about using your own materials...

As mentioned above I can incorporate your own materials into a ring. Most commonly wood however we can use most things.


Below is an example of a ring commissioned using some willow wood supplied by the client. After receiving the wood I planed it to test for suitability. In this case the supplied wood was not of the size, shape or grain strength that is ideal.


After planing into shavings I established that we could use the wood but only as an outer layer on a stronger ring core, or as an inlay.


The client selected a ring design that I currently offer, using the willow wood as a centre inlay separated by copper wires and with grey maple edges.


The results and a few process pictures are shown below. I hope you like the rings and this gives you an idea of what may be possible using your piece of wood or material.