Frequently asked questions

What care instructions are there?

I would advise you to look after a Bentwood ring in the same way you would any other valuable possession.

The rings are coated in an extremely durable and water resistant finish but care is still required. If you give your ring the same love care and attention I gave to crafting it, your finish will last much longer and your ring will be well protected.

I would advise you avoid the following whilst wearing your ring -

- Prolonged water contact and submersion e.g. Swimming, Showering, Bathing.

- Exposure to cleaning chemicals e.g. Dish washing.

- Exposure to alcohol hand sanitizes and other harsh cleaning chemicals.

- Use of heavy machinery / tools

- Heavy Lifting

How do I find my ring size?

Please give the correct size when ordering your rings. If you make any mistakes contact me as soon as possible.

If you do not know your ring size you can visit a jeweller who will measure you accurately.

If you wish to measure for yourself ring sizers are readily available online, cheap from popular websites.
Ring Width -

Where I offer ring width options, I will ensure your ring is within 0.5mm of the size you select. e.g. if you order a 6mm ring it will be finished at between 5.5mm and 6.5mm.

Due to the nature of natural woods, this allows me to avoid areas with grain irregularities at the edges of your ring.

Can you create a custom ring?

I Can. I can create a ring, using virtually any stone, wood or material you would like as an inlay, I also have over 40 different woods for you to choose from for the main band of your ring. Please view my bespoke designs page for further informtion.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

I want everyone to be happy with their GMWoodStock rings therefore I accept returns if you are unhappy with your order in anyway.

If your ring arrives damaged or faulty I will provide a full refund or replacement, please contact me straight away.
The same applies for changed mind orders, however there are some exceptions such as on engraved rings. Please see my full return policy here - https://www.gmwoodstock.co.uk/shipping-returns