The Process

What is a 'bentwood' ring and how is it made?

Bentwood rings are crafted by steaming and bending thin strips of wood around the circumference of a ring mandrel to create the form of the ring, this creates a number of layers and bending with the grain gives the ring a strength that other wooden rings will not benefit from. The strips of wood can be obtained through either planing pieces of wood to create shavings or using real wood veneers.

Inlay channels are then cut for rings featuring stones or metal and filled carefully, before sanding the inlay material flat and smooth with the ring. 


This process is considerably more time consuming than the processes used to make a conventional wooden ring but offers both a unique look and a more hard wearing ring that can be worn on a daily basis.

The rings are then coated in a number of layers of waterproof finish, this provides a strong barrier to protect it from water.


Over time the finish can and will wear, especially if the ring is subjected to a lot of knocks (heavy lifting) or cleaning chemicals (detergents and hand sanitisers). If this happens the finish can be replenished, it is important to do this before any liquid might penetrate into the wood.

Due to it's increased structural strength, given the right care and attention a bentwood ring will last you for many years,