Handcrafted Wooden Rings


What We Do?

My name is Glen and every one of our rings is hand crafted by me from start to finish. I specialise in the design and creation of wooden rings. My wood rings feature various metals and stones or virtually any keepsake material you may wish to include.


I first started making rings in 2015 and have spent a great deal of time experimenting with and perfecting the techniques required to produce a strong, durable and beautifully finished ring.


Each piece of wood presents it's own challenges, it's own unique beauty and it's own individual results. No two rings I create will ever be the same and it is on  this basis that my love of working with wood was formed.

I make rings for all occasions. Whether you are looking for a unique wedding ring, engagement ring, anniversary gift or just a treat for yourself.


Together we can design a ring that is unique to you.